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Carbon Facial – PicoLazer


New Skin & Body Aesthetics offers a carbon facial with the state-of-the-art PicoLazer, which is designed to deliver maximum results after just one treatment.

The Benefits of a Carbon Facial

A carbon facial is commonly used to improve the skin of individuals with oily skin, acne, enlarged or clogged pores, acne pigmentation, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, or sun damage, by deeply exfoliating the skin and helping to stimulate collagen production.

Unlike chemical peels, laser carbon facials use heat instead of chemicals, require no downtime, and cause less redness and irritation for patients with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

How to Prepare for Treatment

Patients will be advised to pause the use of products containing retinol one week before treatment and apply sunscreen daily.


What Happens Before Treatment?

The aesthetician will begin by cleaning the patient’s face and removing all makeup and lotions. Next, they will put on gloves and apply a thin coating of carbon liquid (about eight to 10 drops) to the face and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. The carbon absorbs oil, dirt, and dead skin cells deep within the pores.

What to Expect During Treatment

The aesthetician will then adjust the lens and laser settings depending on how black and thick the carbon liquid is. They will be careful to stay away from tattooed eyebrows or tattooed lip liner and use a tongue depressor to prevent laser exposure to the hair and lips. Patients will have an eye shield placed on their eyes to prevent eye damage.

Once the treatment has been completed, the aesthetician will use wipes or water and a washcloth to remove any residual carbon from the face. Immediately after treatment, patients should see brighter, glowing skin and tighter pores.

Patients may apply a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen after treatment. Treatment may be repeated on a monthly basis or more frequently, according to the patient’s desires.


Recovery Process

Patients can expect to see some flaking and dryness for a few days after the procedure. They should treat their skin gently and use a moisturizer daily, in addition to sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for a few days after the carbon facial.

Patients should avoid:

  • Using products containing retinol for at least five days
  • Exfoliating or using any abrasive or invasive skin treatment for at least one week

Patients should:

  • Use anti-acne products if they have oily skin
  • Use products containing collagen or take collagen supplements if they have photoaged skin or fine lines

How Effective is a Carbon Facial?

Carbon facials are highly effective in improving the appearance of oily skin and large pores. Patients with severe acne or acne scarring may need several treatments before they can see full results. But fine lines and wrinkles should be visibly diminished after just one treatment.

Carbon facials don’t provide permanent results and patients will need ongoing treatment to sustain visible benefits. Patients should allow two to three weeks between treatment to allow for natural collagen regeneration.

Side Effects

Patients may experience a slight reddening of the skin and a tingling sensation during treatment, but should not have any side effects once the procedure has been completed.


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