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How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off With the Clean Start HCG Weight Loss Program

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You probably don’t want to hear about another weight loss method. You’ve seen improvements from diet and exercise — although not as much as you would like to have seen — and you’ve also tried one or two of the latest fad diets which probably gave you results, just ones which didn’t last very long. Let’s face it, diet and exercise are hard, and sticking to fussy meal plans is even harder, and just not doable long-term. Here’s where the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program is different.

Yes, Clean Start hCG includes a meal plan, but the program begins with your body, your cravings and how your body processes and stores fat. Eating healthy meals remains a must, but Clean Start hCG changes the way your body processes everything you eat, which allows you to control your hunger better and keep off the extra pounds. If you keep your meals healthy — which the program helps you do — you can also reset your body’s natural weight set-point for long-term success. Here’s what sets the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program apart from everything you’ve tried before.

What makes the Clean Start Weight Loss Program different?

The Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program is a medically-supervised diet and hormone therapy treatment — not a fad diet or meal-plan system. The program helps you lose weight, improve your metabolism and reset your weight “set-point.” It will also help you reduce your appetite and cravings so that the weight you lose stays off. Clean Start hCG allows your body to reset its baseline metabolism and your normal weight; these are results challenging to achieve and sustain through other alternatives.

How the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss Program Works

First, you must qualify for the Clean Start program. After reviewing your medical history and evaluating your current, overall health, your medical provider will determine whether you can safely have the hormone treatments which are at the core of the program.

Once you qualify, you will receive injections of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and lipotropes once each week based on your individual needs. These hormone supplements will help improve your metabolism, helping your body better control fat, and curb your cravings and appetite.

Your natural weight set-point will also decrease over time to a much healthier level. This is the weight your body will naturally try to maintain, and it will change as your metabolism changes. As a result, the Clean Start hCG treatments help you in two ways, by helping you take in fewer calories and better handle the calories you do consume.

How do I eat to optimize my Clean Start hCG treatment?

No health — or weight loss — program can replace healthy eating. Clean Start hCG, however, makes healthy eating easier, and when you eat healthily, you can sustain long-term benefits. One way the program makes healthy eating easier is by reducing your cravings, meaning less impulse eating — which rarely includes healthy fare — and by allowing you to make more thoughtful choices. By eliminating cravings, the program enables you to think more carefully about what you eat and choose healthier options.

Comprehensive dietary, grocery and meal preparation plans come with the Clean Start hCG to eliminate guesswork and ensure you can get the most from your treatment. Your healthier meals will boost your weight loss and help you maintain your results. Your hormone injections together with common-sense dietary guidelines give most patients the rapid weight loss they want and a natural way to keep from regaining that weight.

What else can I do to maximize my Clean Start hCG results?

By selecting hormone treatments over other weight loss options, you’ve already given yourself the best chance of losing those extra pounds and keeping them off. Most individuals have both positive and long-term results when they rely on hCG and lipotropic injections instead of the alternatives.

That’s because other weight loss solutions don’t address the core problem of cravings, binge and impulse eating and over-eating which even rigorous diet and exercise and the most aggressive weight-loss regimen can’t overcome. With the most difficult obstacle to long-term weight loss conquered, you will derive much more benefit from the mainstays of any health program — diet and exercise.

Diet and exercise help your body eliminate calories you have already consumed while Clean Start hCG enables you to avoid excess calories and use calories better. Maintaining a reasonable diet and exercise routine in addition to Clean Start hCG can still be the most effective way to boost, prolong and sustain your results your Clean Start hCG results.

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