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Juvederm Clinic In Irvine


No matter how well a person maintains their skin, they will inevitably experience signs of aging as they grow older.

However, there are ways to reverse these signs of aging that can help you appear younger than you actually are. While some treatments that are available for improving signs of aging are invasive, injectable fillers like Juvederm can help you reduce signs of aging without the need for an invasive procedure.

If you’re interested in Juvederm, the following details everything that you should know about the treatment before you obtain it at a Juvederm clinic in Irvine.

What Is Juvederm?

This is an anti-aging treatment that uses an injectable filler to provide improvements to the contours of the face while also reducing any notable signs of aging. If you believe that you have too many wrinkles on your face, Juvederm may be able to get rid of these wrinkles for the moment. This treatment is used almost entirely for the face and typically centers around the lips, mouth, and cheeks. When you obtain the procedure from a Juvederm clinic in Irvine, keep in mind that the treatment can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the number of injections that need to be made.

Juvederm fillers are able to provide good results because they are made from a base of hyaluronic acid. There are three basic types of Juvederm that you can obtain, which include Voluma XC, Vollure XC, and Ultra XC. The Voluma XC option will add volume to your cheeks. On the other hand, Vollure XC helps by filling out lines and wrinkles that are located around the nose and mouth. As for the Ultra XC option, this filler can increase the size of your lips. Make sure to ask a clinician at the Juvederm clinic in Irvine about which of these treatments is right for you.


How to Prepare for This Treatment At a Juvederm Clinic in Irvine

Before you obtain this treatment, it’s recommended that you speak with some kind of medical professional about your expectations and the kinds of cosmetic goals that you currently have. Since this treatment is considered to be minimally invasive, the actual injections will typically take place on the same day as the initial consultation. Make sure that you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in the weeks leading up to the treatment.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

While this is a very safe treatment, there are still some risks that could affect you during and following the treatment. The main side effects that you should be on the lookout for include itching, redness, pain, tenderness, and the development of small bumps around the treatment area.

What You Should Expect From Juvederm

The recovery time that comes with Juvederm is very short. However, you should avoid drinking alcohol, being exposed to sun, and doing strenuous activities for around 24 hours after the treatment. The swelling should dissipate after a couple of days. The results that you obtain can last for 6-12 months before another injection is needed.

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