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Lose Those Love Handles This Summer with SculpSure

Fit patient after SculpSure

Love handles. This is a term you don’t want to hear, especially as summer approaches. Beautiful, on the other hand, is a word you do want to hear. SculpSure can help you get rid of those love handles and look beautiful for summer — fast — and give you permanent results.

You already know that diet and exercise alone won’t get you the body you want because you’ve tried. Some fat just won’t respond no matter how strictly you adhere to your weight loss routines. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your love handles and extra pounds.

SculpSure — a treatment you can have at New Skin & Body — can help you bridge the gap between the weight loss you can achieve on your own and the fat loss you need to get the perfect physique. Best of all, you can get effective results quickly, safely and permanently.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the world’s first laser treatment to help individuals achieve greater fat loss. What is fat loss? When you diet and exercise, you lose weight, but you don’t lose fat cells. The fat cells you have shrink in response to your health routine. Fat loss is different.

During a fat loss treatment, you actually have fewer fat cells afterward than when you began. Not only will you appear slimmer, but you also won’t gain the weight you lose back in treated areas. SculpSure can help you lose up to 24 per cent of fat cells in treated areas, resulting in dramatic slimming that lasts.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure targets fat cells, raises their temperature using laser energy and compromises their structural integrity. Your body, over time, carries these dead fat cells away, leaving you toned and contoured. Most importantly, the treatment does not affect surrounding cells, making it effective and safe.

You can have your customized SculpSure treatment at New Skin & Body. During your visit, you will relax while your provider cools the concern area and begins your treatment. Throughout your session, you will feel both cooling and a deep warm, tingling but tolerable sensation where you have SculpSure. You will have no downtime after your SculpSure treatment.

What can I expect from my SculpSure treatment?

The results you want will determine how many SculpSure treatments you will need to have. However, most patients benefit from multiple treatment sessions and treating multiple areas to maximize their results. SculpSure treats:

  • love handles
  • abs
  • back
  • inner thighs
  • outer thighs

You will see your SculpSure results as your body begins to eliminate dead fat cells. This generally takes a few weeks to occur. Most patients start to see results after six weeks and enjoy maximum results around 12 weeks after their final SculpSure treatment.

You won’t have any downtime or aftercare instructions to follow, either. You can just wait for your results to develop. SculpSure does not replace a healthy lifestyle, however; so continue to diet and exercise. To look your absolute best for the heart of summer, call and have your SculpSure treatment now.

Get toned and ready for summer with SculpSure at New Skin & Body!

We all want to look great, especially for summer. Diet and exercise, of course, should always be the core of losing weight and looking great. Yet if, like many of us, you need another way to get rid of those last few pounds, consider SculpSure. Your body won’t get rid of fat on its own, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your current look. SculpSure works on more than just love handles, too, so you can improve all your most troublesome areas — abs, back and thighs — with a single procedure.

To schedule your consultation, call New Skin & Body today. Our medical providers can help you determine if SculpSure can give you the body sculpting results you want, and they can help you craft the treatment plan to get you that perfect, beautiful summer look.

Don’t let those love handles get you down. Feel vibrant and confident again with a SculpSure treatment at New Skin & Body. Our helpful cosmetic professionals can also talk to you about additional options that may benefit you. Get ready for summer now with SculpSure at New Skin & Body!

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