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Weight Loss Clinic In Irvine


Being overweight or obese can be uncomfortable. In addition, there is intense social pressure for everyone to be thin.

Despite these two factors, around 1/3 of the US population is overweight and another 1/3 is obese. Most people who are overweight/obese don’t accept their status and struggle to lose weight and fail to do so, or they manage to lose a few pounds and then regain them back plus more.

Clearly the problem goes far beyond “eat less, exercise more” or “eat this particular type of diet”. Which is why increasing numbers of people are seeking medical help for weight loss, such as at the weight loss clinic in Irvine.

Why doesn’t “eat less, exercise more” always work?

The concept of “calories in/calories out” to lose weight is based on a static model where the body has a constant metabolic rate that never changes. If the body acted that way, it would indeed be very easy to lose weight by simply altering calories in/calories out. However, the body’s metabolic rate is constantly being adjusted in response to its environment. For example, people who try to eat a low-fat diet to lose weight invariably experience a dramatic slow-down of their basal metabolic rate and people who engage in aerobic exercise to burn more calories often experience a dramatic increase in appetite as the body tries to replace the burned calories. Each body seems to develop a “set point” of a preferred level of body fat and the body works very hard to adjust the metabolic rate and the person’s appetite to maintain that level of body fat.


Hormonal Appetite Control

Your body fat level is supposed to be in part controlled by the leptin/ghrelin system. Fat cells produce a hormone called leptin that is supposed to act on your brain to reduce appetite while the stomach produces ghrelin that stimulates appetite. However, many overweight and obese people seem to have developed leptin-resistance where their brains ignore the “stop eating” signal. In addition, other factors can alter your appetite, such as how much and when you sleep, chronic stress, insulin resistance, and the composition of the bacteria in your intestine.

Weight Loss Clinic Services

Losing weight is not an easy, straightforward task. The first thing the weight loss clinic in Irvine will do is fully evaluate your current physiological/metabolic state and your lifestyle in an effort to determine what the primary causes of your weight gain might be, whether it is food cravings, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, or a very sluggish metabolism, or several factors all at once. Once a full medical picture of each individual has been obtained, the doctors at the weight loss clinic in Irvine will work with each patient to design a multi-pronged strategy to correct the metabolic malfunctions and develop a diet and exercise regimen (with medications and supplements if necessary) that will enable slow, steady healthy weight loss that can be maintained over time with the full support of the weight loss clinic in Irvine. Additionally, medical spa treatments may be used to sculpt specific areas.

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