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Botox Clinic In Irvine

What is Botox?

Botox is a treatment that you can have performed at a Botox clinic in Irvine for eliminating dynamic wrinkles that typically appear on the forehead or between the eyebrows. These types of wrinkles are formed from underlying muscle contractions that are temporarily minimized by injections. Think of the treatment as a type of nerve block that prevents the reception of nerve impulses from the brain to the underlying muscle. Since the treated muscle does not receive messages to contract, it will not form a dynamic wrinkle in that location.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox is manufactured under the strictest of controlled conditions within a professional laboratory. Both the manufacturer and product have an excellent safety profile spanning several decades. Once injected, the product does not migrate to other parts of the body and have undesirable systemic effects. It stays where it is injected to minimize wrinkles caused by underlying facial muscle contractions.

Botox and Fillers

Other than the fact that both treatments involve injections, Botox is nothing like fillers. While fillers work by “filling in” lines and wrinkles by increasing facial skin volume, Botox works by temporarily paralyzing treated facial muscles.

What to Expect

You won’t be numb in the treated area after the injections. You will have full sensation at the site of the injections. The only thing that the treatment does is minimize the activity of treated facial muscles so that they cannot form wrinkles.

Patients typically begin noticing results within a few days of their treatment at their Botox clinic in Irvine. At about the three month mark, you may notice some gradual return of facial muscle movement. At this time, patients typically undergo another treatment to maintain their results.

How can I make sure that my treatment lasts as long as possible?

Now that you have undergone a treatment and seen how effective it is, you will want to maintain your results as long as possible. For a minimum of one week after your treatment, avoid the application of abrasive cleaners, toners, scrubs, or masks.

You may also want to undergo regular Botox treatments because the treatment lasts longer when your muscles are treated at regular intervals. At the same time, you should not have treatments too frequently because your facial muscles can grow resistant to the treatment. Wait at least three months between treatments.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are ready to say goodbye to crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles, we invite you to contact us today to book your Botox consultation at the Botox clinic in Irvine.

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