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Laser Hair Removal Clinic In Irvine


Are you looking for a long-term hair removal option?

Not too many people look forward to regular waxing, shaving, or tweezing when there’s unwanted hair to get rid of, especially since it’s a process that has to be repeated over and over if you want to remain hair-free in certain areas. An increasingly popular solution to this problem is laser hair removal.

If you haven’t yet explored your options with this tpe of treatment, here’s why you should consider visiting a laser hair removal clinic in Irvine to determine if this approach to hair removal is right for you.

Laser Hair Removal Is Cost Effective

Once you visit a laser hair removal clinic in Irvine for treatment and achieve the desired results, you won’t have to spend money on razors, regular waxing treatments, depilatory (hair-removing) creams, or treatments you might see advertised on television or online that tend to produce iffy results at best. Not having to regularly invest in these temporary treatments can more than make up for what you pay for your laser hair removal sessions, especially since the results can be permanent!


Your Skin Will Be Less Irritated and Healthier

Even if you are using shaving cream, there’s always the possibility of razor burn from regular razor use. Waxing can also irritate your skin, as can some other hair removal methods, particularly ones that are do-it-yourself options involving the need to use tape or other adhesive substances. But with the treatment provided at a laser hair removal clinic in Irvine, you won’t have to irritate your skin, which makes it healthier and less susceptible to infections.

Laser Hair Removal Is Very Precise

Razors don’t fully remove hair, which is why there’s regrowth. This is also true with waxing and other treatments that don’t actually target hair follicles where they originate under the skin. Laser hair removal, however, targets hairs right down at the follicle level. The lasers used are also very precise and designed in a way that reduces the risk of damage to healthy cell tissue in the area being treated.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Hair Growth

With certain hair removal treatments, like waxing, you need to have some hair present in the treated area in order to have the hair removed. This is not the case when you come to a laser hair removal clinic in Irvine. In fact, patients are often encouraged to shave the area that will be treated prior to arriving for a session. This prevents discomfort from hair being scorched by the laser. And as you are waiting for the treatment to full take effect as you go through your various sessions, you can also continue to shave and use whatever other temporary methods you normally use.

Most patients visiting a laser hair removal clinic in Irvine reach a point where they experience permanent hair loss after anywhere from 3 to 7 sessions, although results will vary. Factors that determine results include hair thickness, the area being treated, and other hair follicle characteristics. Just remember to avoid tanning immediately before and after sessions and to follow any other instructions specific to your treatment.

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