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Laser Skin Treatments In Irvine


Laser skin treatments in Irvine have the potential to restore your skin’s desired appearance in a way that’s less invasive than some other cosmetic procedures, yet still effective and long-lasting.

The goal with laser treatments targeting skin tissue is to correct minor-to-moderate flaws. Depending on the type of laser used, you may also benefit from increased collagen growth and the tightening of underlying skin tissue.

Why Consider Laser Skin Treatments in Irvine?

One of the most common reasons for having a laser skin procedure done is to minimize or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and removing surface layers of skin to promote healthy regrowth. You may also benefit from treatments involving lasers if you have any of the following skin-related concerns:


How Do You Get Ready for Treatment?

If you are a good candidate for laser skin treatments in Irvine, you’ll likely be advised to avoid excessive sun exposure prior to treatment. It’s just as important to discuss your expectations and goals with treatment before a procedure takes place. You may also be given mediation to help prevent a bacterial infection from developing in the treated area. This is usually given as an oral antibiotic.

What Happens During a Typical Procedure?

All laser skin treatments involve administering a specific concentrated wavelength of light to the affected area. Doing so targets structures in the skin. For instance, if sun spots are being treated, the laser’s energy is absorbed by blood vessels inside brown-pigmented sun spot cells. What this does is damage the targeted cells and restore your skin’s desired tone and coloration.

A cooling gel may be applied to your skin to increase comfort. Protective eyewear is often used as well to protect your eyes from the laser if facial skin is being treated. The treated area is also usually cleansed before and after treatment.

Ablative laser resurfacing destroys the outer layer of your skin while heating the underlying layer. This is done to encourage the growth of new smooth and healthy skin. Non-ablative laser skin treatments in Irvine damage collagen under your skin’s surface in order to trigger the production of more collagen in the treated area.

What Can You Expect After Treatment?

There may be temporary discomfort in the treated area after a procedure is completed. In order to minimize such issues, you may be advised to apply ice packs or use over-the-counter medication. Most patients do tolerate the treatment well. There is also very little downtime associated with most procedures.

Many people can benefit from laser skin treatments in Irvine. However, it’s still important to have an initial evaluation to determine if the treatment you have in mind is right for you. This determination is typically based on factors such as your medical history, the nature of your skin in the affected area, and whether or not you have acne or other skin issues that may present challenges. Some patients see the desired results after a single treatment, but there are times when additional treatments are necessary.

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