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Laser Vein Removal In Irvine


If you happen to suffer from varicose veins, there are treatments available that will allow you to shrink the veins and get rid of them for good.

This is particularly beneficial for anyone who suffers from discomfort or pain because of the veins. Among the most effective treatments available to you is laser vein removal, which is a basic surgical procedure that will shrink and seal off the veins.

What Is Laser Vein Removal?

When you opt for laser vein removal, heat will be directed at the veins from a laser that will reduce the size of the varicose veins. This treatment can be used for varicose veins that are located in the calves or thighs. Once the veins reduce in size, scar tissue will develop inside, which helps to seal off the vein and allow for blood flow to be directed to healthier veins nearby. If you find that your varicose veins are red, swollen, or sore, this might be the ideal treatment for you. This treatment is also recommended for anyone who doesn’t like the appearance of their veins and wants to lessen the inflammation.

Possible Risks of Laser Vein Removal Procedure

As with any other surgical procedure, laser vein removal in Irvine does come with some risks that you should be aware of before the treatment takes place. The most common risks involved with this procedure include bleeding, infection, and bruising. It’s also possible that the vein will be more painful for a short period of time following the treatment. Some additional risks of this procedure include nerve damage, the development of blood clots, small burns, and swelling of the affected veins.

How to Prepare for Laser Vein Removal in Irvine

If you want to be fully prepared for laser vein removal in Irvine, it’s important that you ask your doctor any questions that you might have during the initial consultation. You will also need to provide this individual with your complete medical history to make sure that there aren’t any health problems that need to be taken into account.

What the Recovery Process Entails for Laser Vein Removal in Irvine

Once the procedure has been completed and your varicose veins have been reduced in size, you will begin the recovery process. Most doctors recommend that patients walk for around 30-45 minutes immediately after the treatment occurs. It’s also possible that there will be some bruising surrounding the affected veins for a few weeks. Put ice packs over the treatment area to keep any swelling down. Lastly, it’s important that you don’t take very hot baths for a couple of weeks to ensure that the veins heal properly.

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